Eagle-eyed beer drinkers may have already spotted this creation in the wild, so this is the ‘formal’ presentation of our latest beer release - a luxurious Robust Porter loaded with black cherries and a subtle hint of black peppercorn to give an edge that keeps the sweetness in check. Lessons Learned is a limited run but you’ll find it in the usual classy off sales that know good beer. If it’s not in your local then give them a nudge and send them our way. Enjoy.

This blog post is about a new beer, but it’s really about the journey two breweries have been on in the past three years. When I walked into Boundary in September 2015 it was only for a quick chat. I was on a fact finding mission, talking to people in the brewing industry and trying to find out as much information as possible before I threw myself headlong into the ultimate goal of building a brewery on the farm. That chat turned into a three year stay where I offered my time in return for knowledge. Matt needed help and I needed a place to learn.

So this beer is a three year collaboration if you will. It’s also a full stop at the end of our first chapter set in Belfast. The next beers we release will be brewed at our purpose built home at The Wood in Bellaghy with water drawn from right beneath our feet with an all new look and branding soon to be revealed.