Our house favourites



Blonde Session Ale

A sessionable ale. Slightly floral aroma, citrus and a touch of spice. A hint of malt, restrained bitterness, crisp, clean and dry. 4.7% ABV

India Pale Ale

An English style India Pale Ale, restrained but characterful. A touch of sweet tangerine and spice. Full malty body, bitter. 5.5% ABV

Irish Red Ale

A balanced, easy drinking beer. Caramel, toffee, subtle chocolate. A lightly hopped tea-like flavour, a clean body, toasted malt character. 4.7% ABV

modern red.png

A Modern Red

A red beer for the new craft era. We've bumped up the malt bill and finished with a generous dry-hop of US cascade hops. Expect a nod to malt sweetness with a fresh, citrus hop finish. 6%ABV

Dry Irish Stout

A classic Irish Stout. With hints of roast coffee and dark chocolate.  A rich mouthfeel and a dry roasted malt finish. 4.3% ABV

Big Little IPA

A Session IPA. This little beer is reserved and refined. But it packs a full-on hop punch and a big mouthfeel. Just like a big IPA. 4.2%ABV